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Wednesday, January 10


Sharing some thought about learning.

My point of view on learning based on my experience is very exciting, yet struggling. Even though I take quite long time to get my first degree at 28 year old but is still an achievement because learning journeys are an oppurtunity for change. I want to futher study (degree) because I want to change myself to become a better person. I do believe that everyone has their own individual timelines and we do not have to rush with others. This is something that we should ponders--learning is not a form of competition especially among children. Everyone learns. Therefore, everyone has an opinion on what works best for them based on what has and has not worked in the past. For me, working as a kindergarten teacher to gain experience (before I get my diploma) when I was 20 year old is also a form of learning. As a result, I became more open-minded in many things, more mature in decision making, intelligently controlling emotions and more clearly with long-term objectives and goals.

- Ain.